Saturday, August 15, 2009

More and More Unemployed Searching for COBRA Health Insurance

Click on Image for a Bigger Chart.

As the ranks of jobless continue to grow month-over-month the number of searches. As you can see in the screen grab above---the Trend of Google Searches for COBRA in the US has really grown in the last 12 months in the US.

A recent study showed that in 2008, just around 20 - 25% of people eligable for COBRA opted to pay for it---This is probably because back then, the average COBRA health insurance payment sucked away about 80% of the average unemployment insurance check---That doesn't leave much money left over for rent or groceries.

Fortunately, for many Barack Obama and Congress recently passed legislation that provides a government subsidy to cover much of the COBRA health insurance premium payment. This makes it much more affordable---to the point where every recently unemployed family should consider looking into obtaining coverage.

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