Monday, September 5, 2011

How Many Weeks of Unemployment Do I get?

The people at the Center of Budget and Policy Priorities have updated their chart that show just how many weeks of unemployment you are entitled to depending upon what state you worked in.  (Remember, that typically unemployment compensation is based upon the state in which you worked and collected a pay-check; not necessarily the state in which you currently live.

Many states are still letting the jobless collect 99 weeks of unemployment while they are looking for new jobs or consider going back to school.  These states include: Florida, California, Georgia, Alabama, Nevada, Colorado, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, North Carolina, Idaho and West Virginia and New Jersey.

States such as North and South Dakota, Nebraska and Oklahoma have just 60 weeks of UI benefits---These states also have much lesser levels of unemployment.

In compiling this data CBPP looked at the Department of Labor Employment and Training administration data as of August 28, 2011.