Sunday, March 1, 2009

Tips for Jobless Nevadans to not get gouged by Debit Cards

With 8.4% of workers in Nevada being unemployed and 94% of Nevadans receiving their unemployment insurance benefits via a debit card, it's important to know how to receive the most of your benefits and not get gouged by debit card feeds.

Realizing the bad press that these unemployment benefit debit cards have received in the press the Nevada Department of Employment released these tips.

All participants can access deposited funds through a variety of methods including:
  • Unlimited free cash withdrawals at bank tellers of financial institutions bearing the Visa logo
  • Unlimited free cash back transactions on retail purchases where offered such as grocery stores
  • Utilizing the debit card to make purchases or payments on-line and
  • Two free ATM withdrawals per month at Wells Fargo or 7-Eleven ATMs.
Debit cards are charged $1.25 for each withdrawal at any other ATM besides Wells
Fargo and 7-Eleven ATMS, Jones said.

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