Monday, March 2, 2009

Jobless in Connecticut to Get $25/week more--from Obama's Stimulus

According to Connecticut's Governor Rell announced that the state's unemployed who are collecting unemployment insurance payments will see a $25 increase for amounts filed this week.

According to the article, the Governor had this to say,
"I am also pleased that job-seekers in our state will continue to be eligible for additional help from the federal government if they aren't able to find work quickly," the governor said. "In November, Congress offered an additional 20 weeks of unemployment assistance to all states and 13 more weeks on top of that to states where the unemployment rate was at 6 percent or more -- a distinction that unfortunately includes Connecticut. Eligibility for those 33 weeks of extra aid was scheduled to expire at the end of March -- but under the stimulus bill, eligibility for the aid will continue through December 31."

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