Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What's the minimum wage in Europe?

People frequently believe that higher minimum wages can result in higher levels of unemployment. Looking at data for Europe, you can see that France has EUR 1,365 per month minimum wage vs. Greece's EUR 876/month and Poland's EUR 350.


Malena said...

Fun to know. In Guangzhou, China, the minimum wage is about RMB1500. That can really do nothing. :(

Tofayel said...

If unemployment high, then employer can recruit employee with minimum wage.
I think wage depends also on qualifications and criterion. There has been a great deal of renovations in business field, being a Business Analyst Certification is one great prospect, not only for a sizable annual income but also when it comes to job security. No matter what goes around in the business, or how worse the financial matter gets, businesses still need to have someone who could be there advisory to get them out of this mess.