Monday, September 5, 2011

How tough is it to find work?

Yahoo News has put out an interesting article today that puts into perspective just how hard the 14 million unemployed Americans are having finding a job. Not only are they competing with other unemployed folks for open positions but also almost 9 million underemployed folks who are looking to switch from unrewarding part-time jobs into meaningful full-time employment. Additionally, both segments have to fight against people with full-time work that are looking to switch jobs or employers. With the nation's unemployment rate holding steady at 9.1% and the European situation getting worse, many companies are getting slightly more cautious as they see the current turmoil causing increasing uncertainty and therefore, they are a little more hesitant to invest new capital or to create new jobs. Many people are even running out of unemployment benefits after their 99 weeks have run out. How difficult has it been for you to find work?

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