Sunday, October 24, 2010

60 minutes story on the 99 weeks of Unemployment

60 minutes did a story on people who are running out of the 99 weeks of Unemployment checks. They speak about people who have spent hardship withdrawls from their 401k's and now depend on charities for free food.

They have stories of people who earned $70,000 to $200,000 who were shop-a-holics and now after having applied to hundreds of jobs are forced to scrounge around for recyclables and depend on family and friends for financial help.

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Joe Johnson said...

I was a 99er for awhile but then chose to review my records. See, I filed my original claim the same day I was laid off from work. I made $1311.22 from Monday to Friday, so I didn't get credit for my first week of benefits after I filed. Once I exhausted my 99 weeks I decided to double check my records and found a loophole in California's Unemployment Code. Since I technically worked and earned enough money to qualify me for a new claim the EDD had to file a 2nd claim for me, which also qualified for all the extensions. Needless to say this process took a few months to sort out because working with the EDD is like trying to put a nail in a cement wall. I am currently on my 46th week of benefits on my 2nd claim (2 for 1 special...) I think anybody that thinks they might have a similar situation to explore it further. It couldn't hurt and I hope my story inspires and helps some of you.