Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Nevada Sets Record high unemployment rate

According to KRNV, Nevada's 12% unemployment rate in June set an ALL-TIME record, with Reno at 11.8% unemployed and Las Vegas at 12.3% unemployed---the major cities are the ones shedding jobs the fastest.

Currently, 170,000 Nevadans are out of work, and hoping that things turn around soon.


Blogger said...

That's too bad...
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val patrick said...

i must say that Nevada is not the only place who has increased the number of unemployed people.. everywhere around the globe surely has its number of unemployed people..

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val patrick said...

finding a job nowadays is really difficult..

specially to newbies..

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dave said...

think positive!!
everyone and everything has its downfall..
i'm pretty sure Nevada is not the only place with such number..

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