Friday, April 3, 2009

13.2 million Americans are unemployed---Sets a record

The monthly jobs report just came out and showed an unemployment rate at 8.5% for the United States during March, 2009---This represents 13.2 million Americans out of work---The most jobless Americans since records have been kept in the 1940's (Note: That it's not the highest unemployment rate, because there are lot more workers in the US now than what there were in decades past).

The unemployment rate increased 0.4% from February's 8.1%... While the U-6 Unemployment Rate (Which includes the unemployed and underemployed) increased from 14.8% in February, 2009 to 15.6% in March 2009---The U6 Rate is up significantly from the 9.1% rate seen one year ago in March 2008

The number of people who lost jobs in January, 2009 was revised from below 700,000 to 741,000.

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