Thursday, March 19, 2009

Jobless in Indiana to get Tier 3 Unemployment Insurance

According to MSNBC, the jobless in Indiana who deplete their 59 weeks of unemployment insurance may become eligible for additional unemployment insurance benefits. But the benefits will have some strings attached.

Specifically, the jobless will need to apply for at least 3 jobs each week--AND, if offered any job paying minimum wage, they will have to take it, or stop receiving their unemployment checks.


TYC said...

just wanted to share some momentum that is building around grassroots protests against all the stuff that the banks are doing --- www.anewwayforward.

i helped to start the website that will allow us to organize these protests because i am personally worried about what will happen if i don't do anything and how i feel about all the people i know who have lost their jobs. please pass the word, sign up to go -- we need to have an impact, more and bigger! please.

Nicki said...

How can anyone afford to live on minimum wage? I understand that they don't want people to just draw as much as they can, but people who were making $15/hr, are now subsisting on closer to $9 and now you want them to take any job that offers them, what $6.55? How on earth does one support a family on that?

Bill said...

The Great Drag as it may be refered to in the future is the effect of the global economy. We are now entering into a phase of equalization on the world's standard of living and unfortunatly we will be on the losing end. What the capitalist machine didn't and I believe still doesn't realize is that by siezing the greater gains of cheap labor they would be erasing their domestic market and cause a great social destablization. As the economic game of musical chairs proceeds in America fewer and fewer consumer/citizens will find a living wage chair and be forced to survival tactics. But fear not, you are human and have a great capacity for survival, hunger will drive you and what world we find on the other side of all this may be very interesting. Good luck.