Saturday, February 28, 2009

Tip for the unemployed--Shop around for your insurance

Odds are if you're unemployed or if you're afraid of the possibility of getting laid-off, you should look at various ways to spend less and save money---One very easy way to lower your expenses is to shop around for your insurance---Especially your auto-insurance.

If you used to drive 20 miles to work & 20 miles back home each day---That's 200 miles a week, or 10,000 miles a year! Call up your existing auto-insurer and tell them that you're driving fewer miles each year---This may reduce your premium. Once you get your new price from your existing auto-insurer, call 2 or 3 other car insurance companies get quotes and shop around! You could easily save a few hundred dollars a year if you recheck all your auto-insurance options when you're unemployed.


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