Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A sign of the times

Hyundai, the auto company that started marketing a 10-year warranty when it started its big push into the US years ago, has found a way to market its cars in today's uncertain economic times.

Their new program, Hyundai Assurance offers to let you walk away from your loan or lease within 1 year of purchase without having to worry about (up to $7,500) in negative equity if you have any one of the following happen to you:
  1. involuntary unemployement
  2. Physical Disability
  3. Loss of Drivers License due to medical impairment
  4. International Employment Transfer
  5. Self-Employed personal bankruptcy
  6. Accidental Death
It will be interesting to see if this program helps Hyundai with it's January sales figures which will be released in early February.

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