Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Florida Tier 2 Unemployment Insurance

For those Floridians that need to know the details of the state's extended unemployment compensation plan you should check out this information


To be eligible for the additional EUC benefits, the claimant must:

• Have filed a claim on or after May 2, 2006
• Have exhausted all rights to regular UC under state or federal law.
• Have no rights to regular or extended UC in any other state.
• Not eligible for benefits in Canada.


Calculation of EUC Benefits for the Additional Extension

• Weekly Benefit Amount of the EUC claim will be the same amount received on the regular claim that the extension is based on.

• The total EUC Available Credits will be the lesser of:
  • 80 % of the Available Credits on the regular UC claim up to a maximum of 20 weeks.OR
  • 20 times the individuals weekly benefit amount

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