Thursday, January 15, 2009

California's Extended (Tier 2) Unemployment Insurance Benefits

This was a press release from California's Employment Development Department (EDD) and it lays out what needs to be done to get extended unemployment benefits, (aka Tier 2, Tier II benefits):

Federal legislation enacted in July 2008 provided up to 13 weeks of extended benefits for workers who exhausted their regular UI benefits in California and across the country. New legislation enacted in November 2008 adds up to 7 weeks to the earlier extension, for a total of up to 20 weeks of extended benefits. The new legislation states that these added benefits are only payable for weeks beginning on or after November 23, 2008. The new legislation also includes a second extension of up to 13 weeks for high unemployment states, which includes California. Eligible workers will receive a total of up to 33 weeks of extended benefits.


To find out if you are eligible for the first or second extended unemployment claim you may apply online or call one of the telephone numbers listed below. The EDD anticipates high call volumes so you are encouraged to apply online.

  • English: 1-800-300-5616
  • Spanish: 1-800-326-8937
  • Cantonese: 1-800-547-3506
  • Mandarin: 1-866-303-0706
  • Vietnamese: 1-800-547-2058
  • TTY: (NON VOICE): 1-800-815-9387
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