Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Your manager just gave you the "heave-ho"

If you haven't done so while you were employed, be sure to get the emails and phone numbers of people who can help you out, or that you want to stay in touch with. This list should include:
  1. Human Resources (in case you have to speak to somebody about COBRA, your 401-k, your W-2's)
  2. Your manager and peers (future employers and placement firms will want to speak to folks who can give you good recommendations)
  3. Suppliers, customers, and other contacts---these contacts can be very useful in building your network, once you start your job search.
Taxes---Often times, you will have to move for the new job before the April 15th tax deadline. It's important that you let your old HR department know where your new address is at. (And if you're receiving severance for several weeks/months, but think it's highly likely that you'll be without a job for sometime after severance stops, you can consider changing your with-holdings before you leave).

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